Flash Flip Book, E-Book, E-Magazine, E-Catalog,
E-Brochure Design and Publication

Fresh Flash Catalog is an electronic publishing software that allows you
to quickly and easily create native page turning electronic publications
such as Online e-Books, e-Catalogs, e-Brochures, e-Presentations and
much more fast and easy.
You can make your own digital publications easily by
Fresh Flash Catalog flash page flip software.


PDF Imports

Right to left page layout

Unicode text editor support

Video Player control panel

Automatic page flipping

Tool tip accessibility on menus not in the code

Online update and activation

Quick Project Form

Advanced Project Settings

Exit button on Web Exports together with updated template and permanent link support

Updated and broadened Help section

Sample Project

Updated Master templates

Full Screen support

Fixed Bugs:

Windows 7 and Vista compatibility
Absolute path bug in the Project Settings/ Fill background Image area
Processing page
Work Area (stage) repositioning
Project Creation steps


Small size

Produce small yet attractive file size publications and display them as stand alone or view them inside a browser.

Flash Support

Native Flash support import and export native flash SWF.

Actionscript support


Flash content optimization

Multiple OS support

Create catalogs for any operating system ...

Flexible objects

All objects can rotate, flip and use alpha transparency.

Flexible text designs

Textbox layout tool alows you to set up your page text layout in any way you like.
Transparency or fill background
Flip (vertically and horizontally)
Alpha transparency,
Border (changable size and color)
Link support (ActionScript or basic commands (gotoweb, nextpage, previouspage, close, playmusic etc..)
Visuality Support

Editable image function

Editable image function in Fresh Flash Catalog gives you the ability to easily create digital photo albums which users can insert images into.


Embedded Multimedia and/or streaming video, Flash and MP3.

Full featured design canvas

The canvas include pixel ruler.
Smart zoom supported multichannel editor.
.swf files can be imported and used in projects.
Commands can be sent to the projects created with ActionScript.
Rotation, Alpha Transparency, Flip (vertical and horizantal)

Drag and drop design

Cut and paste and drag and drop features, including an image browser.


WYSIWYG page creation and editing.

Template pages

Support for template pages which makes designing much more easier.


Allow you to make transparent pages, which is a gem for many designers.

Hotlink to anything

Hotlink to pages, web sites, movies and sound, as well as email and other files.

Multiple export options

Single Flash SWF, Dynamic Flash SWF (for web) and Win32 Executable export.

Easy to share

Convenient sharing and distribution by email, download or on floppy/CDs.
Share your digital web books with friends, family, colleagues or customers.

Native object support

Native object is a gradient supported parametric flash object.
Rounded rectangle

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